Management By Strengths, Inc.

Management By Strengths, Inc., is a program designed to help companies increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction and employee morale through an improved understanding of how to work more effectively together.  Management By Strengths (MBS) skills enhance team-building throughout an organization.

MBS is aimed at helping meet one of the industry’s greatest challenges — finding and retaining quality people.  Pinnacle is proud to have MBS as part of our Human Resources Solutions.  Our other HR solutions include computer-based training, HR and payroll management systems, and assessment studies of current human resources programs. • 913-393-2525


Oratect® is Pinnacle’s rapid drug test.  It is a simple, saliva-based test that quickly identifies the six most common drugs of abuse in applicants.  Oratect is a one-part test that is easy to administer at the store, the most reliable, and the most cost effective drug-testing tool on the market today.  Don’t hire another employee without the benefits of Oratect from Pinnacle.

Oratect is produced by Branan Medical Corporation of Irvine, California.  It produces a broad range of products for many sectors – corporate workplace, criminal justice, clinical laboratory, treatment center, and educational systems.