Fact Sheet

The Pinnacle Corporation provides leading-edge point of sale, loyalty, and both corporate and consumer facing mobile technology to the rapidly evolving convenience store industries. Pinnacle delivers products that drive traffic and increase profits, while helping retailers retain consumer loyalty and enhancing labor efficiency. Nationwide, Pinnacle’s products and services are used daily in thousands of convenience outlets to improve their store operations and extend the brand of retailers through the ever-increasing mobile landscape.

Company Highlights

Pinnacle was formed in January 1990. The vision of the initial team was to create a PC-based store level system that was affordable yet flexible enough to address the needs of the convenience store/retail petroleum market. Since that time, Pinnacle has built a reputation of  powerful product and strong, personal customer support. Today, Pinnacle is a leader in providing innovative products and services to the convenience/retail petroleum industry. It is often called upon for participation in industry events and committees. Pinnacle believes in strong industry commitment and involvement, and it continues to be actively involved in the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS).



Senior Management

Bob Johnson – Chief Executive Officer & President

Peter Steele – Vice President of Research & Development

Melissa Fox Hadley – Vice President of Marketing and Innovation

Mike Vaughn – Vice President of Software and Services

Sam Davis – Director of International Operations

Pinnacle Solutions

In a highly competitive industry, convenience and petroleum retailers need a knowledgeable partner with an eye on the future. With over 25 years’ experience, The Pinnacle Corporation can elevate your customer experience to new levels, while increasing efficiency and profits with its Point of Sale, Loyalty and Mobile Solutions. We are committed to forming strong relationships with our clients, listening to your needs and providing you with flexible, customizable, scalable software solutions that expand with your technological requirements.  We are dedicated to the development of industry-leading technology to automate your business from end to end, keeping you ahead of your competition.  We are also committed to continually reinvesting revenue into research and development, ensuring you have the best resources at your disposal. Pinnacle Mobile – Affiniti Mobile, Loyalty Program Integration, Mobile Pay, Consumer & Corporate Solutions Pinnacle Loyalty – Instant Rewards, Pump Authorization, Self-Hosted Pre-Paid, ACH Payments posPinnacle Point Of Sale – Point of Sale, Payment Networks, Peripherals Support, Remote POS Management, Business Intelligence, Foodservice Kiosks

Key Services

Client Support:  Pinnacle offers a wide range of product support options via the Internet and with phone banks manned by Pinnacle employees that have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. The company has two offices around the country, and Client Support for our solutions and services are integral elements of each business equation. Training and Documentation:  In-depth training and product documentation options are offered by Pinnacle. The T&D team focuses on providing easy to follow user guides, training manuals, quick reference guides, and other product documentation for self-learning. Updated documentation and tech notes are key to further assist clients with learning specific product areas. Professional Services:  Pinnacle consultants are trained to work with clients to determine all automation needs and goals. This team of professionals has over 40 years combined experience working with retailers and automation solution providers to install Pinnacle solutions within the best timeline and implementation framework. In addition, consultant services are available to analyze and troubleshoot companies of all sizes.

Pinnacle Partners

Pinnacle partners with industry suppliers that offer products and services complementing Pinnacle’s own automation offerings.  Partners share Pinnacle’s core business values – ethical business relationships, quality people and work environment, strong client relationships, leading products and services, industry commitment, and continual improvement.

Pinnacle Corporate Headquarters

201 East Abram Street Arlington, TX 76010 Phone: 817.795.5555 Toll Free: 800-366-1173 Fax: 817.795.0005