Navigating the Road to PCI Compliance

High transaction volumes and multiple access points make convenience stores particularly vulnerable to credit card fraud. A credit card breach at an unprotected site could potentially put these stores out of business due to fees and penalties.Omega offers easy-to-use solutions designed to help you achieve PCI compliance without compromising your day-to-day operations. Our program can be customized to match your unique business needs, and even allows you to choose between a hosted and installed solution – which no other compliance partner offers! OmegaSecure is a fully integrated system, serving as a single pane of glass for all aspects of security, compliance, remediation, logging, reporting and continuous monitoring. The system has been reviewed by security experts and Qualified Security Assessors for compliance.

Join us and learn how Omega ATC can help address the daunting task of maintaining PCIcompliance not only in your POS environment but throughout your whole organization.