Pinnacle Launches Loyalty Sign-Up Service™

ARLINGTON, Texas, February 12, 2013 — The Pinnacle Corporation (Pinnacle) announced today the launch of its new Sign-Up Service™ as part of the Pinnacle Loyalty Solutions suite. Sign-Up Service is a scanner-interfaced application that provides a simple, accurate way for cashiers to quickly register customers for loyalty program membership at the POS. With a simple scan of the customer’s driver’s license, the Sign-up Service captures the customer’s data automatically and displays it immediately on the cashier’s POS or on a stand-alone PC.

“A Loyalty program is ultimately about knowing and serving your customers better.  Member registration is central to that mission,” says Jane Sinn Gabriel, Pinnacle Loyalty Solutions Manager.  “Sign-up Service provides the convenience that still remains the name of the game. No data entry is required. There are no application forms to complete.  Sign-up Service is a registration tool that delivers the optimum of efficiency for the customer and the store associate.”

Sign-Up Service not only captures the customer’s personal information from their driver’s license (name, address, birth date, etc.), but also their loyalty card ID number as part of the card activation process. For retailers utilizing Pinnacle’s pump authorization tool, LoyalPass®, Sign-Up Service also collects the customer’s driver’s license number.

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About LoyalPass®

LoyalPass® post-pay pump authorization solution stops lost revenue at the forecourt. Pinnacle’s LoyalPass solution specifically addresses the problem of customer drive-offs from not pre-paying for fuel at the dispenser. This anti-theft solution works by authorizing fuel customers to dispense fuel before going into the store to pay, gives retailers complete control over fuel theft while providing a superior fueling experience for customers. Customers with an active LoyalPass card can authorize a pump for post-payment, restoring the convenience of not having to go into the store multiple times. Those that do not post-pay for fuel will automatically have their LoyalPass card disabled from future use. In most cases, it is tied to the customer’s driver’s license, which allows retailers to recover any lost funds.

About Pinnacle Loyalty Solutions

Pinnacle’s Loyalty Solutions suite is a complete set of consumer-focused tools to make average customers good and good customers better. Not just an after the fact discount program, Pinnacle’s Loyalty suite has a combination of features that will appeal to the majority of your customers. With a common database at the home office and complete real-time integration with the POS, customers will take advantage of your loyalty programs’ benefits, regardless of which store they shop. Combine any and all loyalty programs onto the same loyalty card; one card, many benefits. Pinnacle Loyalty will take your marketing to a new level, and is proven to put more money on your bottom line.

About Pinnacle

The Pinnacle Corporation provides leading edge automation technology to the rapidly evolving convenience store and petroleum industries. Pinnacle delivers products that automate the broad spectrum of convenience store operations and supply chain management of fuel operations. Nationwide, Pinnacle’s products and services are used daily in thousands of convenience outlets to automate and improve their store operations and by fuel marketers to increase their efficiency in the complex management of fuel delivery.

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