Pinnacle Brings Additional Tobacco Rebate Incentives Within Retailers’ Reach

Arlington, Texas – March 24, 2015 – The Pinnacle Corporation announces the release of automated scan data exports from its EPM™ Business Intelligence platform that qualify retailers for additional rebate incentives from Altria Group.

Beginning from the 2015 Q1 reporting period, and for the remainder of this year, Altria is providing additional incentives to retailers that are able to deliver advanced levels of sales transaction data.  Recognizing the value these incentives would provide to its clients, Pinnacle quickly responded by adding the new capability, enabling their customers to begin reaping the benefits of the program right away.  Pinnacle’s swift response further underscores its commitment to its clients, and delivers on their promise of getting their customers the most out of their data.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in our clients’ ability to use data as a competitive advantage.  It only makes sense that suppliers would like to take advantage of the information that our Business Intelligence platform delivers as well. We always enjoy engaging in projects with our clients that help them make better business decisions, and improve profitability.“ said Jane Sinn Gabriel, Product Manager at Pinnacle.

“Pinnacle really stepped up and got this project done for us in a very short timeframe. We are pleased that things have gone so smoothly, and are excited to start receiving the benefits of participating in the Altria program”, said Butch Egan, Chief Marketing Officer, Western Oil, Inc.

“I appreciate Pinnacle’s efforts to complete an automated Altria scan export for customers that do not employ a fully-staffed IT department”, said William Baine, CEO, Git’n Go Markets.

About The Pinnacle Corporation

The Pinnacle Corporation provides leading-edge automation technology to the rapidly evolving convenience store and petroleum industries. Pinnacle delivers products that automate the broad spectrum of convenience store operations and supply chain management of fuel operations.

Nationwide, Pinnacle’s products and services are used daily in thousands of convenience outlets to automate and improve their store operations, and by fuel marketers to increase their efficiency in the complex management of fuel delivery.

About Western Oil

Western Oil, Inc. is a family owned business serving the St. Louis community with quality Conoco Philips and Citgo products for over 30 years, with 51 store locations.

About Git’n Go

Git’ N Go Market is headquartered in Clinton, TN, and has rebuilt their stores to better serve their loyal Anderson County friends and customers. Their state of the art facilities provide drive-thrus and full delis to better serve their clientele.

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