Problem: Higher fuel prices mean higher credit card fees. You need an alternative to credit and traditional debit.


Reduce credit card fees by offering an alternative payment option.
Consider ACH processing, which continues to have a lower per transaction cost than any typical credit/debit card option.

Pinnacle’s LoyalDebit™ tackles the significant rise in credit card fees by adding payment capabilities to a non-payment card that the consumer already carries in their wallet, such as a loyalty card. Cost effective and able to be leveraged in combination with any of Pinnacle’s Loyalty solutions, LoyalDebit will help restore declining fuel margins and increase consumer loyalty.

“To speak to credit card fees specifically, the LoyalDebit product that the Pinnacle platform allows us to use has really impacted credit card fees. We’ve taken those customers from paying 1.7% plus 10 [to] 20 cents per transaction to a flat 15 cents per transaction, so when they use that at the dispenser, that’s really a huge fee savings on every transaction.” – Jeremie Myhren, Senior Director of IT, Road Ranger

Offer your customers a self-branded stored value card.

Self-branded stored value cards are a payment alternative that can give your customers the convenience of a cash card while limiting your costs. This self-hosted solution eliminates that standard per transaction fees other stored value hosts charge. And a self-branded card keeps your customers coming to your location to do business.

Offer your own prepaid card without having to pay the transaction fees! Pinnacle’s LoyalPay® allows you to host your own prepaid card program, you control the float and save the transaction fees that would have incurred if you outsourced.

“I see the Pinnacle Loyalty product, with its different levels- Loyalink, LoyalPay, LoyalPass and Loyal Debit ACH functions – as a real advantage in our quest to stay one-up on our competitors and I’m confident our loyalty program ‘Honey Money’ will fulfill our mission of bringing more feet to the floor so we can sell them more.” – David Murdock, Executive Vice President, Honey Farms, Inc.