Problem: Higher fuel prices cause inconveniences for customers:

1.Fund Holds – When a customer uses a debit or credit card, the bank puts a hold on funds for a period of time. With total fuel transactions rising due to price, those fund holds are more inconvenient than ever.

2. Upper Limits on Pay-at-the-Pump – Banks and payment processors often impose an upper limit on a pay-at-the-pump transaction amount. With higher fuel prices, larger vehicles often trigger this threshold before their tank is full.


Offer real time clearing of transactions and adjust your own upper threshold for pay-at-the-pump transactions.

The latest Pinnacle Palm POS NIMs include Real Time Clearing (RTC) functionality. With RTC, transactions will be processed almost immediately instead of at the end of the day. This can significantly reduce the hold times that financial institutions place on cardholders’ accounts. Stores will send a final transaction amount within hours – if not minutes – of a cardholder’s purchase.  Without RTC support, card transaction processing can take up to two days or more to settle.

Palm POS also allows retailers to configure pre-auth amounts, adjusting it to whatever amount makes sense for your market and your customers.

Pinnacle’s award winning Palm POS™ is the fastest, most robust touch screen point-of-sale in the market! Designed and developed specifically for the convenience petroleum industry, Palm’s touch screen interface and modular flexibility will ensure your operations are smooth and consumers get the service they demand.

Is your point-of-sale PCI compliant?  Pinnacle’s Palm POS is!

“No other POS System is as well rounded as Pinnacle’s Palm POS.” –Jeremie Myhren, Senior Director of IT, Road Ranger