Problem: Higher fuel prices require you have the right data, in the right place, and at the right time to make the most informed decisions.

Keep in touch with critical measures of success while you’re on the road.
Retail fuel profit margins are more fragile than ever with today’s volatile fuel costs. Make timely, competitive decisions by using Pinnacle’s business intelligence solution, EPM, with mobile technology. Keep your margin data at your fingertips and take action at a moment’s notice.

Pinnacle’s Enterprise Performance Management™ (EPM) is business intelligence at its best. This modular set of tools collects and analyzes store data quickly and accurately showing trends and exceptions to make decisions fast. Critical data can be accessed in near real-time on web-enabled devices in the home office or while the user travels. EPM puts you in control of your business at an affordable price.

“Looking at a dashboard that provides both timely and useful data has become a daily part of our operations. It is great to have one place to go for fuel sales and margins. EPM-70 does just that.” – Phil Boitz, WSCO, IT Director


Get real time fuel inventory information on your mobile device.

Pinnacle’s Dispatcher Workstation provides real time tank inventory information for mobile users. Drivers can access Real Time Inventory information and make informed alternate delivery decisions when necessary.

Dispatcher Workstation™ displays real-time fuel inventory information in an easy to view format allowing you to quickly discern your current inventory status. With a simple glance, dispatchers or fuel buyers that are responsible for replenishment, load scheduling and delivery, and keeping track of multiple location fuel monitoring can benefit by determining which locations require prompt attention.
Get instant access to fuel delivery status and bills of lading on your mobile device.

Andalé provides real-time delivery status information and Bill of Lading info for fuel dispatch and delivery. By having access to the delivery status, operators are able to optimize equipment and personnel. Optimization saves money by using fewer resources to do more work.

Pinnacle’s Andalé is an easy to use, web-based solution focused on the automation of the fuel supply chain from the point fuel is ordered by a retailer, until it is delivered by the wholesaler.

“The biggest challenge during implementation of Andalé was convincing the petroleum truck drivers that accessing emails and the internet on their Blackberry was a painless process. Once we convinced them to give it a try, our drivers were surprised with how easy it was to use, and we were surprised at how quickly they adapted.” – Debbie Butler, Business Administrator, Fuel South, Inc.