Problem: Higher fuel prices result in more fuel theft; but requiring your customers to pre-pay for fuel drives them to your competitors.


Maintain shopper convenience while securing your pumps.
Stop fuel theft today and remain convenient with Pinnacle’s LoyalPass®! Everyone knows that fuel theft increases are consistent with rising street prices, and there’s nothing worse than losing revenue at your forecourt with today’s tight fuel margins. Utilize LoyalPass to secure shopper information, giving you the control over their access while providing cash customers with the ability to authorize a dispenser before paying. You can stop fuel theft today with LoyalPass, specifically designed to address fuel drive-offs. Eliminate hot pumps but still allow your registered customers the ability to authorize a pre-pay pump for post payment.

“Our ‘Rewards in a Flash’ loyalty program using Pinnacle’s Loyalink has been the total solution. By expanding on this solution with our rewards card, we were able to implement the pump start program that enables our customers to actually start the pump before they pay. Because their reward card is tied to their driver’s license, this program has reduced our drive-offs significantly…by 50% actually. From 2006 to 2008, we saved over $700,000 by utilizing pump start and also by utilizing Pinnacle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) to drill down into the data as far as drive-offs go.” – Jenny Bullard, CIO, Flash Foods

Track and report fuel theft in local store-level reports.
With Pinnacle’s Palm POS™, you can track and report drive-off events in local store level reports. Palm enables cashier entry of vehicle details when a drive off happens. Palm also offers to your DVR system, enabling you to match data to video and make it easier to find offenders. When Palm is used in combination with LoyalPass, you can control the pump start functionality and only allow known cash paying loyal customers the privilege of pumping before paying.

Pinnacle’s award winning Palm POS is the fastest, most robust touch screen point-of-sale in the market! Designed and developed specifically for the convenience petroleum industry, Palm’s touch screen interface and modular flexibility will ensure your operations are smooth and consumers get the service they demand.

Is your point-of-sale PCI compliant?  Pinnacle’s Palm POS is!

Compare calculated PPG to the actual posted PPG and easily report on fuel theft.
Pinnacle’s Retail C-Store Solutions Suite provides tools to compare the calculated PPG to the actual posted PPG, enabling you to spot not only where potential theft is occurring, but also how much discounting is actually being applied.

Easily report on drive offs – at which stores they’re occurring and how often – so that you can take immediate action.

Pinnacle’s Retail C-Store Suite provides you with an end to end suite of automation technology to manage your convenience store operations. Not just a group of bolt together products, these integrated modules provide a complete solution to address the needs demanded by today’s retail environment and provide the information you need to run the business efficiently. Seamless integration between the store level and home office, Pinnacle’s Retail C-Store Suite ensures you have timely and accurate information at the right level so you can make informed decisions with current information.