Signature Capture

Save Paper, Space and Money!

Electronic signature capture is rapidly being implemented throughout our industry, and most of the times if it’s not available, customers will ask for it!

Pinnacle provides a turnkey solution for electronic signature capture at the store level, and corporate reporting back at the home office which allows you to recreate receipts on the fly with the customer’s signature. This feature reduces time and dollars associated with paper receipts, sorting, storing and retrieving when disputes arise, and lost dollars when physical receipts cannot be found.

• Hands off Payment Process
• Reduce storage space needed for all that paper
• Easy to retrieve data
• Easy to research transactions
• Cashier can re-print customer receipts
• Time=$

Use the following calculator to compute a Return on Investment associated with implementing electronic signature capture using Pinnacle’s Palm POS™, Ingenico advanced signature capture enabled payment terminals, and Pinnacle’s EPM™ business intelligence solution.

This cost savings calculator uses actual numbers from a real c-store retailer and was used to validate their electronic signature capture investment. This ROI does not take into account physical storage costs, another element you might consider when looking at the savings associated with eliminating paper receipts.

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