Implementing a Loyalty Program

Implementing a Loyalty Program and working with Marketing to enact the plan is an arduous process.

So what is the secret to success?

Keep It Simple! Keep It Fresh!

Step 1: Plan Your Program
First, you need to plan out your Loyalty Program. Determine the specifics of your Marketplace. You need to consider demographics, competing stores in the area, competing brands, and your customers’ perceptions of your own brand. Next, you should define the parameters of your Loyalty Program, including the name of the program, images, logo, program model, as well as vendor and support sponsorship.
Step 2: Launch Your Program
Once the planning stage is complete, it’s time to launch the program. Your new Loyalty Program must be your sole marketing focus. You will need to do all store preparations, employee education, media blitzes, distribute loyalty cards, and do a soft launch in one or two stores to iron out any last minute details you may have overlooked.
Step 3: Promote Your Program – Keep it Simple!
Now that your Loyalty Program is launched, focus should shift to your In-Store Marketing.
• Employee participation and enthusiasm
• Sign Placement, Stand-up Signs, Counter Signs, Aisle Violators, Danglers and Logo Decals
• Brochures
• Balloons & Buttons
Step 4: Tweak Your Program – Keep It Fresh!
As time passes, you need to evaluate your Loyalty Campaign and make adjustments based on the programs results. You need to determine the overall consumer reaction to the program, the promotion performance, performance of loyalty promotions versus standard temporary price reductions, overall store performance, redemption statistics and fuel sales. The information collected when making these determinations should help you shape future promotions with your Loyalty Program.
Change your promotional messages periodically, update your graphics, alter rewards, make seasonal adjustments and respond to changing demographics in your marketplace. All of these initiatives will help ensure the long-term success of your Loyalty Program.
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