Smart Buy™: Turn Your Fuel Inventory 20% Faster

Pinnacle’s Smart Buy™ and Symphony.fuel real-time inventory™ make it possible to accurately forecast, confirm, and manage a true “just-in-time” fuel program that can reduce the time and costs associated with turning your fuel inventory!

Volatile fuel prices and declining margins are the most difficult components to manage in the convenience store industry today. The last thing any fuel retailer needs is an excess in expensive fuel inventory that sells at a net loss. Pinnacle’sSymphony.fuel real-time inventory and Smart Buy are two of the most useful tools in the fuel marketing industry for making cost efficient fuel inventory replenishment decisions.

Historically, the entire petroleum industry has operated at the “top” of the tank, keeping excessive levels of expensive fuel inventory at all times. In this day and age, that is a recipe for financial disaster. Operating under the “just-in-time” (JIT) concept, however, you can meet the needs of your customers without wasting money on excessive fuel inventory.

Symphony.fuel real-time inventory provides an on demand, accurate snapshot of what is currently in your inventory at any given moment. Smart Buy, a feature of Pinnacle’s Fuel Smart®, allows you to accurately forecast future inventory needs to keep up with your customers’ demands.


By: Bob Carpentier, Fuel Director, Quick-Sav Food Stores