Single Point of Control for Palm POS™ and Safe!

Corporate Safe Specialists and The Pinnacle Corporation have joined forces to take cash management processes to a new level. Pinnacle’s Palm POS™ is directly interfaced to CSS’s suite of Advanced Cash Control Systems, enabling a clerk to accept, validate and secure cash directly into a business-rated safe. Both systems are controlled through a single easy-to-use touch screen interface and run off a single computer, freeing up precious retail space and lowering overall equipment expenses. This innovative technology advancement will increase staff productivity in the most cost effective means possible. The solution provides an integrated cash management capability, increasing visibility while allowing for easier training for clerks by only having to learn a single system for accepting payment and securing the cash. The solution greatly simplifies the process of keeping the proper balance of funds in the till while reducing the exposure of the business.

Pinnacle and CSS Deliver a Complete Solution

Cash management solutions are built on a secure, integrated platform to meet the needs of today’s businesses. They are built around a POS and business-rated safe that all retail transactions and provide a secure repository for cash. The safe’s drop slot allows staff to easily and quickly make deposits directly into a secure inner compartment without having to access the main compartment of the safe. CSS employs the best bill acceptors in the industry, and they are armored-car ready. The bill acceptors can consistently and accurately read all denominations and provide automatic counts of money received, while protecting against counterfeit currency. With the drop slot and bill acceptors, the safe door is opened less often. Cash received into the safe is secure until removed to make a bank deposit by either an armored-car service provider or an authorized staff member. Access can be granted and monitored remotely to aid in enforcing business rules and identifying procedure violations. The ability to accept cash in a secure, closed-safe environment also enables productivity gains. Retail staff can spend more time with customers, since they spend less time conducting cash transactions, transferring cash from the point-of-sale to the safe, counting cash in preparation for a bank deposit and reconciling discrepancies when counts do not match receipts.Importantly, this complete solution is backed by outstanding delivery, installation, training and service programs. Together, Pinnacle and CSS enable you to take retail cash management to the next level in a single integrated system.