Robert (Bob) S. Johnson, President

MBS (Management By Strengths) Communication Profile 

Description of Strengths:(RED Color Code)
Results oriented, very independent, can be very direct, highly technical wants goals accomplished on schedule, hard to rush, strong-willed, likes to work alone at times, will take the time to solve a problem, a natural planner, friendly, conceptual big picture, has lots of new ideas, introspective, delegates details but prefers to hold on to authority, very persistent.
Combination of Strengths:
D/E: Candid, teller, analytical, creative.
D/S: Very independent, very self confident.
P/S: Less care to details or structure.
P/D: Very persistent, determined.

Motivation by Strengths:

D (20) : control, challenge, money
-E (-20): privacy
P (17)  : harmony, cooperation, timing
-S (-17): independence
Fact oriented.

Communication by Strengths:
Bob appreciates people who are candid, to the point, listen to his ideas one on one, and challenges him early to solve a problem.
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