Cogs in the Machine (CSP Daily)

FORT WORTH, Texas — If the Internet was the last transformative technology to affect business and people’s social lives, then cognitive technology–think the computer named “Watson” that beat the Jeopardy champions last year–will be the next one, according to one business futurist.Speaking before about 150 attendees at a Pinnacle users’ conference, Atlanta-based business consultant Jack Shaw said that after the advent of personal computers (PCs) in the 1980s, the client-server or mainframe integration to PCs in the 1990s and the Internet in the 2000s, “cognitive systems” or technology that can ultimately assess and make decisions with more competence than humans will be the next step.

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CITGO Expands Loyalty Bucks Program With Pinnacle’s Loyalink (CSP Daily)

HOUSTON CITGO has approved The Pinnacle Corp.’s Loyalink loyalty platform  as a new offering within CITGO’s Loyalty Bucks program.Announced in February 2012, CITGO launched its new Loyalty Bucks program (see Related Content below for previous CSP Daily News coverage) and partnered with a small group of loyalty solution and service providers to work with branded retailers in setting up successful independent loyalty programs.

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Pinnacle Expands POS Systems Support (CSP Daily)

ARLINGTON, Texas — The Pinnacle Corp. has announced the completion and availability of an interface between its EPM business intelligence platform and Gilbarco’s Passport POS.In use by a majority of Pinnacle Palm POS clients as early as 2005, Pinnacle’s EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) business intelligence platform has been providing retailers with a real-time, browser-based, centralized database, enterprise level reporting solution for merchandise, operations, and loss prevention reporting.

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Pinnacle ‘enhances’ fuel-inventory solution with mobile capabilities (CSP Daily)

ARLINGTON, Texas — The Pinnacle Corp. introduced the latest version of its browser-based, tank-inventory system to include mobile capabilities.The latest release of its Dispatcher Workstation adds mobile monitoring and alert capabilities. It also allows a Pinnacle-hosted SaaS implementation model for operators who don’t have or don’t want the required information technology (IT) infrastructure.

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Finding Efficiencies (CSP Daily)

TUCSON, Ariz — Expansion of the group’s scope was an important and naturally occurring evolution, said Drew Mize, vice president of product management and marketing, The Pinnacle Corp., Arlington, Texas. The data security committee is only two years old and yet a third of conference participants chose to attend, he noted, adding that the expansion of scope has lured in CIOs as well as people from operations and marketing.

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Down for the Count: Suppliers talk item-level inventory (CSP)

OAK BROOK, Ill. — Though not as prevalent with c-stores as with other channels, item-level inventory in convenience retail may be gaining momentum, as threats to core categories of cigarettes and fuel begin to mount.Recent interviews with technology providers revealed growing interest in the accounting and inventory management method, especially as the desire to better track merchandise flow, promotions and market-basket purchases increases.

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Pinnacle, Centego complete loyalty interface (CSP)

ARLINGTON, Texas The Pinnacle Corp. recently completed and certified an interface between its Pinnacle Palm POS platform and Centego’s fuel rewards loyalty host. By leveraging Pinnacle’s existing point-of-sale loyalty functionality and specifications, Centego has completed the development of an interface between Pinnacle Palm POS and the Centego loyalty host, enabling retailers using both platforms to offer consumer fuel discount rewards based on prior purchases at other channel retailers.

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Coupon Nation (CSP)

CHICAGO — As technology becomes more accessible in terms of price and capability, suppliers on the trade show floor at the NACS convention earlier this month were focusing on helping retailers access their sales data, spot meaningful trends and entice customers with relevant promotions and loyalty offers.

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