Pinnacle’s customer rewards solution, Loyalink®, lets you create customized programs that work for your organization and customer base, enabling you to build customer loyalty and increase store profits.

Build Customized Loyalty Programs

With an easy to use interface, you can establish a diverse set of customer reward programs that appeal to a broad base of demographics and reap financial benefits for your organization. The program features span an extensive array of options, including fuel and merchandise discounts, rewards for frequent visitors or high spenders, and ongoing points accumulation. Empower your marketing team with this elegant and feature-rich loyalty application.

Points Redemption and Instant Discounts

The online communication server moves sales transactions and reward data between the POS system and the

Loyalink system in real-time. The POS identifies the shopper and sends sales data to the host. With the transaction information provided by the POS system, Loyalink determines what instant reward the shopper qualifies for, and delivers the benefit directly to the appropriate device. It could be a price rollback on fuel or a discount to the ticket at the POS. Alongside instant rewards, the Loyalink points redemption program allows the shopper to accumulate points and redeem them at the time of their choosing.

Track Customer Shopping Habits

Loyalink reporting tools measure your loyalty efforts at multiple levels to give you a clear idea of your programs’ success. The analytics measure activity at the promotion and shopper level, as well as how individual stores and products are performing. Customer performance can be segmented into average groups of performance and measured by the number of visits made to the amount of money spent in an average transaction. You can also see your financial investment based on the rewards that have been earned but not received, and those already delivered.

Store performance measures help you work with your personnel to continue the ongoing marketing of your organization and the loyalty program you offer. It is an opportunity to recognize the high achievers and correct the performance of those failing to meet their goals.

You can see how the purchase behavior of multiple segments of your program participants such as the average number of visits they make in a selected period, the amount of money they spend each time they visit, the products they purchase and the level of benefit rewards they’ve received. You can also get a more granular look at individual activity with a detailed report of a customer’s store visits, product purchases and rewards.

Show Customers Their Rewards

Loyalink provides a web browser interface that lets your customers register themselves on your website. The registration form captures contact and demographic information about your customers that will give you the information you need to make contact with your loyal customers, as well as focus your marketing to meet their social segment.

Once registered, your customers can check their loyalty standings and performance and read about what’s coming up with your loyalty promotions. The DotNetNuke® design allows you to display your program’s graphics on the page and add links that give customers access to additional marketing material, such as upcoming contests or promotions.

The Loyalink solution can deliver discounts to web registrants on their next visit to one of your stores. It’s a great way to motivate a customer to visit your store, and it gives you an opportunity to say thanks to those influential customers who can become part of your marketing solution.

Mobilize Your Card

Offer customers a loyalty program that is truly convenient. The Pinnacle Loyalty iPhone App stores your customer’s loyalty ID in their phone. Rather than requiring your customer to carry around a plastic card in their wallet or on their key chain, this mobile application takes the card ID number entered by the shopper and converts it to a scannable barcode on their phone. Just like that, your customers can use their iPhone as their loyalty card in your stores.

  • Give rewards instantly
  • Reduce costs for plastic loyalty cards
  • Customize your branding on the app