POS Manager

Simplifying the process of configuring Palm POS®, POS Manager™ is an enterprise level solution designed to remotely define and update store level point-of-sale configuration files.  Quickly and easily create group-based configuration settings utilizing a user-friendly, intelligent graphical interface.  With POS Manager, complicated configuration settings for each store register become a thing of the past.

Simplified Configuration for Palm POS

POS Manager™ is designed to quickly create group-based configuration settings and PLU boards, utilizing a user-friendly, intelligent graphical interface.

With POS Manager, you no longer need to understand complicated configuration settings or manage individual configuration files for each register in each store. Each change made to the POS can have specific start and end dates associated with them; when the end date passes, the configuration is automatically updated at the store without requiring any additional user intervention.

Like other applications under the Pinnacle umbrella, POS Manager implementation includes the System Manager™ module for setting up corporate information such as organizations and stores, as well as user security. It also features the Information Manager™ module for reporting.

POS Manager houses a distribution process designed to convey and implement configuration information to each store at the register level. The distribution process includes a component that resides on a corporate server, providing the infrastructure necessary to distribute configuration information. Each configuration change is automatically sent to the designated store prior to the effective date associated with the change. A second software component resides at the store, receiving configuration information from the home office and implementing it on the appropriate machine. The status of each configuration change is immediate and available at the home office, resulting in extremely simple compliance checking.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simplifies the process of managing PLU boards by using an intelligent, user-friendly graphical interface
  • Removes the necessity of managing individual configuration files for each store/register
  • Distributes configuration changes to each store automatically, as needed
  • Provides immediate and continual feedback on the status of each configuration and the store’s compliance with each change
  • Operates on the Pinnacle Business Platform, a web-based suite of products

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Simplifying Your Palm POS Configurations

Pinnacle has your key to simplifying configurations of Palm POS systems by utilizing a user-friendly, intelligent graphical interface. POS Manager™ is a browser-based enterprise level solution on the Symphony Business Platform designed to remotely update store level point-of-sale configuration files…

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Client Success Story

Delta Sonic – POS Manager™

Delta Sonic needed to reduce the amount of time to configure each individual POS and remove the complexities of maintaining those configurations. In addition, they wanted to be able to make board changes that impacted only certain stores rather than making wide-spread changes to all stores…

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